Thursday, September 2, 2010

Scrapping NHS Direct Is Hard To Swallow

A couple of years ago, I had a bad case of tonsilitis.

I went to the doctor, got prescribed antibiotics, went home and tried to rest.

Over the next couple of days, it got a bit worse, and I began to find
it hard to breathe. But I'd seen the doctor, it was all being treated,
and I told myself not to worry.

One morning, still ill and in a bit of a panic, I used the self-help
symptom guide on the NHS Direct website.

To my extreme surprise it told me to call an ambulance. Immediately.

That's why I'm not dead now.

(My tonsilitis had become quinsy: you can read the full story here: )

David Cameron wants to scrap NHS Direct as a cost cutting measure:

If NHS Direct had been scrapped a few years ago, I would be dead today.

That's why, for what it's worth, I've signed the petition to try and
get Cameron to change his mind on this:

Perhaps you would like to sign it too.

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